4 Disastrous Email Template Design Errors Every Email Marketer Should Avoid
4 Disastrous Email Template Design Errors Every Email Marketer Should Avoid

With the growing importance of email marketing, it’s easy to understand why 2017 is declared the year of email. Nevertheless, despite the unprecedented importance of email, statistics indicate that about 2225.3 billion emails will lose relevance this year! Are you surprised? Well, several factors contribute to this, and in this article, we are determined to present you with cogent email template design errors you should avoid.

Hopefully, you will get the hang of things and make sure your email marketing campaign converts on the long run. Although understanding how to master the best email template design practices effectively isn’t a stroll in the park, the information in this article will help you avoid some mistakes that can affect your email marketing. To this end,  email aesthetics like fonts, images, color pallets and copy contribute quite a lot ensuring your email marketing campaign converts.

Without further ado, below are top four mistakes every email marketer must avoid when designing an email template that is intended to grab users attention.

  1. Avoid sticking with nonresponsive email template 

Studies indicate that most people today access their email using their mobile devices. Hence, it will make a lot of sense, to keep your email template layout to a single column,  while ensuring that it is not wider than 500 to 600 px. Doing this will make sure that your email is not just sleek but also readable on smartphone devices. For email template design which involves adding a CTA button, it makes a lot of sense to keep the resolution at 44×44 px.

Again, findings by Email on Acid shows that most email marketers today are beginning to opt for more responsive email template design than the popular hybrid design.

  1. Avoid stretching Pre-header and Header Size to more than 150 pixels 

If you are serious about developing an effective email template that will attract users, you must ensure that your email header is less than 150 px. While many will see this as having the potential to distract your audience from the main message of your email, we beg to differ as setting your header to less than 150 px will not affect either your call to action button or distract the audience from the main message of your email. For email marketers making use of the amazing Johnson Box, ensure you set your header to a maximum of 400X300 pixels. This will help increase your email’s maximum engagement with the targeted audience. So, what is Johnson box?

For those who have no idea about this concept, Johnson box is the box known to house the main content of your email. This box is designed to grab and keep readers attention, so they keep reading to the very end.

  1. Avoid the use of caps or Spammy words 

When it comes to email template optimization, the value of branding cannot be overemphasized. That’s why, as an email marketer, you must learn to embed your brand ID when designing your emails. To this end, you can start by keeping your subject line short and crisp while eliminating all caps.

Using all caps will not only rob your emails of its sleek design but hamper its readability. To make sense of all this, only use capital letters when beginning a sentence, pronouns or for words that require emphasis. Also, avoid the use of Spammy words like “Adress on CD” “4U” and others. As an email marketer, you should understand that your audience is way smarter than you perceive them to be. Hence you should avoid the use of Spammy words.

  1. Not using appropriate color palette while designing your email template 

Most times, many consumers tend to buy one product or the other because of the colored adverts employed by product marketers. Hence as an email marketer looking to succeed in the competitive world of email marketing, you must endeavor to use beautiful and Irresistible colors when designing your email template. Companies like YouTube, Netflix, and Apple, have towed this line and achieved considerable success. You too can if you know just how important colors are to the success of your email campaign.

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